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The received forms of beauty of every bygone style of Art, without one single attempt to produce an Art in harmony with our present wants and means of production-the carver in stone, the worker in metal, the weaver and the painter, borrowing from each other, and alternately misapplying the forms peculiarly appropriate to each-there were to be found in isolated collections at the four corners of the transepts all the principles, all the unity, all the truth, for which we had looked elsewhere in vain, and this because we were amongst a people practicing an art which had grown up with their civilization, and strengthened with their growth. United by a common faith, their art had necessarily a common expression, this expression varying in each according to the influence to which each nation was subject. The Tunisian still retaining the art of the Moors who created the Alhambra exhibiting the same art, but modified by the character of the mixed population over which they rule The decoration is the essential material expression of the wants, and the sentiments, of the age in which it is created. Throughout the Decorative Arts every assemblage of forms should be arranged on certain definite proportions; the whole and each particular member should be a multiple of some simple unit. We find in the ancient art of the different civilization an immense inspiration for our great line of the designs form that we have transformed to be nearly allied to the natural form to give you the most original and graceful decoration.
MOS'ARTIS S.A. was Created in October 2007, its production is defined in Mosaic tiles, Borders, inserts, tableaux & tables in Natural Stones colors.
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